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Pioneer Church is the first outpost of The Caersalem Project. We meet in the Bargoed Community Centre on The Park Estate every Sunday for Tea and celebration at 5pm. and Thursday for Coffee Morning at 10am.

There are so many people who feel that the church is nothing to do with them. They think it’s for a certain type of person and they’re not that type.

This is a crazy situation, as Jesus went out of his way to include everyone, in fact it cost him his life.

Our ambition at The Caersalem Project is to follow the example that Jesus gave and offer a real sense of belonging to everyone. We appreciate the value of every life and the unique contribution that each person can make.

We want to go beyond the idea of inclusion that just invites everyone, to creating a community that involves everyone. Our inspiration comes from God, our motivation from the needs that surround us and our passion from a personal life changing relationship with the risen Jesus.

Our understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus has convinced us that he never intended to start a new religion, but he did want to give us a new way to live and the power to live it.

He taught us that we are our brother’s keeper and that we should never pass by on the other side.

The Park Estate is situated high above Bargoed Town with amazing views of the beautiful Welsh countryside. We count it a real privilege to serve an awesome God in such an incredible community.

To learn more about our work please visit our website...


Isaiah 58:12 says in The Message -

"You'll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew, rebuild the
foundations from out of your past. You'll be known as those who can fix
anything, restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate, make the community
liveable again."   (This is the foundation text of The Caersalem Project.)

We Praise God for the Harvest Community Network and are thrilled to be part of it. United in purpose and empowered by God's love we inspire each other to greatness. It's His harvest, but our privilege to be labours together at this exciting time!