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                           Pastor Emannuel and Ivy Kapofu

We are a multicultural, cell based home away from home church. As our slogan puts, it we are overcomers In Christ Jesus. You and I were made to be fulfilled, and enjoy life and the key is being in Christ.

                                          ILC Wolverhampton

We are one church in many locations, and we would like to invite you to worship with us at our Wolverhampton, Leicester, Liverpool and Bournemouth.

                                  Praise and Worship at ILC

ILC is committed to equipping people all over the world with the knowledge and wisdom needed to make decisions that will positively impact their futures.

What we are about as a Church is to spread the message of God’s love to all communities, near and far, to experience Acts:2 42-47, devoting ourselves to the teaching of the Apostles, fellowshipping, sharing what we have with others, keeping the ordinances of scripture, and to pray.

To learn more about ILC please use this link to our Website ...