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Brendan and Marianne Munro

 Q. Have you always been in the ministry?
 A. No I began my working life as a journalist and worked on weekly, evening and morning newspapers in Britain and Zimbabwe in the 70's and 80's.

 Q. When did Jesus become a reality in your life?
 A. I came to faith while reporting in Zimbabwe in 1980.

 Q. Where did you and Marianne meet?
 A. Marianne was born in Zimbabwe and we met while I was at Bible College in South Africa.

 Q. How long have you been Married? 
 A. We’ve been married 26 years and have two adult daughters, the younger of which got married a year ago.

 Q. How did you end up back in London?
 A. After I had trained to be a pastor at the Bible College in South Africa I ministered in and around Johannesburg for five years before returning to London in 1989 to pastor The Gospel Centre in Haringey.

 Q. How long have you been the General Overseer?
 A. 1998 was a year of opportunity and change for me as I was invited to take on the role of General Overseer for the UAFC / HCN in England and was also  instrumental in founding the relational unity movement known as Pray Haringey the same year.

 Q. Do you still pastor The Gospel Centre?
 A. No, I stepped down from the role of senior pastor at The Gospel Centre in 2005 to devote more time to developing church unity in Haringey, and to networking and empowering cross-church community-facing initiatives in the borough.

 Q. What sort of initiatives?
 A. We have helped to set up or serve several projects in Haringey, including a crisis pregnancy counselling service and a shelter for rough sleepers and homeless persons. I also serve as a voluntary police chaplain and an ecumenical borough dean.

 Q. Do you have time for hobbies?
 A. Yes, they include astronomy, playing guitar and reading.

 Q. Who are your favourite authors?
 A. My favourites include Philip Yancey, Brian McLaren, Michael Frost, Jim Wallis, Randy Alcorn and John Grisham to name but a few.

 Q. What is your ministry emphasis?
 A. Grace, unity and community.